The 100-Hour Outdoor Challenge

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Here’s the challenge: For the month of May, I’m going to try to spend 100 hours outside. While that sounds like a lot, and it is, it can be done. It comes down to about three and a quarter hours outside each day. There are 744 hours in the month of May, can I spend a little more than 13% of that time outside? 13% is all it will take to complete the 100-hour outdoor challenge.

I’ve always enjoyed reading about other people’s challenges, so I decided to create one of my own. If you’re like me and enjoy these month or year-long challenges, check out:

The Rules

I’m only counting my outdoor time as the time when I am purposely outdoors. In other words, being in a car doesn’t count. I also will not count the few minutes I might be outside while running errands or walking to my car. Only purposeful outdoor time will count.

Reasons for Doing it

Importance of Being Outside

B checking out the fountain

It’s critical to our mental health to spend a good amount of time outside. I ALWAYS feel better after I have been outside. I figured that May would be a good month to attempt this challenge because the weather is finally getting nice here in Massachusetts. After being cooped up for the past 5 months of winter, it feels great to enjoy the warmer spring air. I want to spend more time with my family, and get myself away from the itch to overuse technology.


C and B fascinated by “The Bubble Man”

My kids LOVE being outside! And what kid doesn’t? I pick up my youngest son from school most afternoons and the first question he asks me almost every day is, “Daddy, can we play outside today?” It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 degrees or raining, he will still ask the question. Well, with this challenge, the answer will almost always be yes. On top of that, there are so many additional benefits to children. Being outside fosters creativity, allows for more social interactions, and lets them get out all of that boundless energy.

Health Benefits

A view of beautiful Lake Ossipee, NH.
One of my very favorite places.

I’m excited to spend more time outside for the health aspect of it as well. Sure, some of my outside time might be spent drinking a beer on the deck or sitting on a lounge chair. But, most of the time, I plan to be exercising, doing yard work, or running around with my kids in the yard. Plus, there are so many other health benefits for adults and children alike.

My 100-Hour Outdoor Challenge Plan

I’m planning to work out every morning before school with either a bike ride or walk/run. This will give me an hour of outdoor time each morning. Also, I am coaching both of the boys in baseball, so that will be an additional seven or eight hours each week. Now that the weather is nice, we will also eat dinner on the back deck a lot more often, hopefully adding a few more hours onto the tally. Beyond that, the rest of the hours will hopefully be filled with lots of afternoons and weekends doing yard work and hanging out with the kids in the front and back yard.

Want to Join Me in the Outdoor Challenge?

Are you interested in trying the outdoor challenge this month? Send me a message on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and I will check in on your progress throughout the month.

Here’s my recap post to let you all know how the 100-hour outdoor challenge went!

15 thoughts on “The 100-Hour Outdoor Challenge”

  1. I consider myself pretty outdoorsy, we run three times a week outside. We play tennis outside three or four times a week. We sit on the patio most evenings for awhile and bird watch until the skeeters drive us in. We go fishing at least once a week for a few hours. But even with all that I doubt I could bust 50 hours. 100 hours is a lot, I do not think you’ll be able to pull it off, but I hope you do. This time a year you’ll lose several days to rain outs probably, but good luck.

    1. minimalismandmoney

      I agree, this is going to be a really tough challenge. I’m hoping the fact that there are 31 days in May will help me out! Wishful thinking, I know. I’m going to be posting my weekly results on Twitter and then I will do a follow-up post in June. Some nice, warm weather will definitely help!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, I love this. Natural sunlight is so much better for us than artificial lights. Plus being outside is just more fun, especially when exercising.

    I’m pretty sure I go way over 100 hours each month!

  3. Love this – and totally in to try! I think it’s definitely doable if you make the effort (which you are making!) and you can compensate for rainy days with nice ones. This is a win win challenge!

  4. Dave this is an awesome idea. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it and join this month, but I can’t wait to read about the results. The fresh air, the nature, and all the things your kids can do and discover should produce some awesome results.


    1. minimalismandmoney

      Thanks Bert. I’m a little behind, mostly because the weather has jot cooperated at all. Hoping that it turns in the second half of the month. I will keep you posted!

  5. Norma Gutierrez

    Just saw and started following today, June 1st. Brilliant idea! When I was working, I spent hours on my feet both inside and out. Now that I am retired, I am lucky to spend an hour a week outside. I will start tomorrow, though work toward 30 hrs a month. Onward and upward!

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