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21 of the Best Personal Finance Blogs for 2021

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The Top Personal Finance Blogs Broken Down by Category

Over the years, so many blogs and bloggers have influenced me. I wanted to create a space for a “wall of fame” of personal finance blogs separated by categories. We are all at different spots in our respective journeys with money. Some people are focused on saving and budgeting money, some are working on … Continue reading...

Lessons Learned from The Minimalists in “Less is Now”

Less is Now Documentary by The Minimalists

The Minimalists have put out their second film, titled Less is Now. It is directed by another minimalist, Matt D’Avella, and is currently available on Netflix. Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus started The Minimalists over ten years ago. In their second film, they dive into the “why” behind their minimalism, speaking passionately about how their upbringings and experiences have led them toward a more simple, … Continue reading...

Want to Be Happier & More Successful? Listen More!

What if I told you that you could become a better friend, partner, parent, employee, and leader, all by just changing one thing? You’d probably think I was crazy, but it’s true. Listen more, talk less and you are well on your way to more success and happiness.

A Caveat

Becoming a better listener has a good chance of making you happier and more successful. But this doesn’t mean that listening will completely turn your … Continue reading...

21 Words to Live By for a Better 2021

I don’t really like traditional goals or resolutions. Sometimes they are too difficult to fulfill, leaving me frustrated or disappointed. Other times, I do accomplish a goal only to be left with a feeling of, “Now what?”.

So instead, I created a list of 21 words to live by for a better 2021. 21 words that will improve my life, and hopefully yours, too! These are the words I would like to use and utilize … Continue reading...

3 Lessons Learned from an Overwhelmed Blogger

We’re Back!

My last blog post was well over a year ago. It’s been a long time, but I’m so glad to be back. It feels good to write, to express my thoughts and feelings. In a way, I forgot how therapeutic blogging can be. I’m excited to jump back into all of the content I love, but first I wanted to talk about the lessons I learned as an overwhelmed blogger.

Why I Stopped

Continue reading...

20 Must-Read Minimalism Blogs for 2021


This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclaimer page for details.

Last Updated: December, 2020

There are millions of blogs out there, and thousands of people writing about minimalism. As I have continued to learn more about minimalism, I’ve found a number of blogs very helpful and influential.

This idea sprouted from a realization that there is not as much of a community within minimalist writers as there is for other topics. For example, … Continue reading...

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