Sunday Morning Reads: Happiness, Surprising Boosts to Productivity, and More!

2021 – Quarter 1

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Sunday Morning Reads

Each week, I put out a newsletter to my subscribers called “Sunday Morning Reads” which features my latest post(s) along with some of my favorite recent articles from other bloggers. I decided it would be great to have a post dedicated specifically to these awesome articles I have come across. In the first three months of 2021, I have found some great … Continue reading...

How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed by Debt

How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed by Debt
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There are lots of posts out there about debt payoff strategies. Some prefer the debt snowball method while others pursue the debt avalanche method. We will save that debate for a different post. Instead, we’re covering one’s options when overburdened by debt. Primarily, this relates to credit card debt or any other high-interest loans, but it could also be applicable for student loans, car loans, or even mortgages. Everyone has … Continue reading...

Think You Can’t Do It? Unleash the Power of “Yet”

unleash the power of yet
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We have all said it at one point or another. “This is too hard, I can’t do it.” Changing our mindset and unleashing the power of “yet” can help us overcome these difficult issues.

It’s incredible what a change to our mindset can do. You’ve probably heard Henry Ford’s famous saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t — you’re right.” Change your mindset to include … Continue reading...

Reflecting on 40 Years – Words of Advice From the Old Man

Reflecting on 40 years - words of advice from the old man

As of this posting, I have been on this earth for 40 years. 40 years! How often do we hear the phrase, “Seems like just yesterday”? But, it really does seem like just yesterday that I was playing Little League baseball, watching Punky Brewster, and playing Contra on Nintendo. Where does the time go? As more and more gray hairs keep showing up on my head, I have really started to reflect back on the … Continue reading...

I Quit Social Media – And I’m Loving It!

I quit social media
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Maybe it was the incessant political arguments on Facebook. Or it might have been the almost robotic responses to so many Instagram posts clamoring for likes and followers. It could be the personal finance “bros” on Twitter mocking another person for not saving $250,000 by the time they turned 30. I’m not sure what pushed me over the edge. Either way, I did it. I quit social media. And I … Continue reading...