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Challenge: 24 Hours – No Complaints

It’s challenge time again. Last time, many of you took part in the 100-hour outdoor challenge. This time, it is a much shorter, yet possibly more difficult proposal. I challenge you to not complain about anything for 24 hours.

That’s right, just 24 hours. One full day. No complaints. Think you can do it?


What’s the point? Why bother doing this? Over here at Minimalism and Your Money, we are all about … Continue reading...

The Compounding Power of Saving for Your Child’s Education

While I have covered topics such as gift-giving for kids and how to live more like a kid, I haven’t discussed much about saving for children’s education. Nate’s post is a perfect addition to cover some of the financial benefits of starting to save early for college by using the power of compounding interest.

The following is a guest post by Nate Matherson, co-founder of a personal finance site called LendEDU, and an Continue reading...

Reflecting on 100 Hours Outside

Last month, I set a goal to get outside for 100 hours and encouraged other readers to join. You can read about the challenge itself as well as my original reasons for doing it here.

I tracked my hours through the old pen and paper method, and posted frequently to Twitter and Instagram with updates and to check in on how others were doing.

I was joined by about 15-20 bloggers and non-bloggers including:… Continue reading...

We’re Rich! Rich in Love

Are You Rich? We Are, and It’s Great

That’s right, we have it all — everything we could ever want.

Nope, we’re not rich in money, we’re rich in love. Did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit? Before you stop reading because that sounds so ridiculously corny, let me explain.

This all sprung from a conversation I was having with a few of our neighbors this weekend at a BBQ. As … Continue reading...

How to Increase MPG and Save Money

It’s Simple…Stop Driving So Aggressively

We’ve all seen it. You’re stuck in stop and go traffic on the highway, and there’s always someone constantly switching lanes, trying to weave his way to the front. He’s pumping the gas to cut off the person to his left only to then slam on the brakes behind the next stopped car, and then he’s doing it all over again in the next lane. He takes the idea of … Continue reading...

Stop Multitasking!

Multitasking is Hard

Have you ever tried to get that paper done only to be distracted by social media or the television?

Have you burnt dinner because you were trying to pay bills and water the lawn at the same time?

Ever forgot multiple things at the grocery store because you were talking on the phone while shopping?

We’ve all been there. We have so much on our plates and so little time to do … Continue reading...

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