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Reflecting on 100 Hours Outside

Last month, I set a goal to get outside for 100 hours and encouraged other readers to join. You can read about the challenge itself as well as my original reasons for doing it here.

I tracked my hours through the old pen and paper method, and posted frequently to Twitter and Instagram with updates and to check in on how others were doing.

I was joined by about 15-20 bloggers and non-bloggers including:… Continue reading...

The 100-Hour Outdoor Challenge


Here’s the challenge: For the month of May, I’m going to try to spend 100 hours outside. While that sounds like a lot, and it is, it can be done. It comes down to about three and a quarter hours outside each day. There are 744 hours in the month of May, can I spend a little more than 13% of that time outside? 13% is all it will take to complete the 100-hour … Continue reading...

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