21-Day Digital Detox Program



Join this 21-day program to break free from technology. Use this 37-page guide to learn strategies and take actionable steps that will change your mindset.



“It’s very enlightening. It has really modified the way I spend time on my phone. I am far more cognizant of the time we all spend looking at that little screen. Thank you!” – Dianne




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21-Day Digital Detox Program

The 21-Day Digital Detox Program will help you limit your technology consumption. Each day of the program includes an actionable task to complete along with an explanation of the benefits of completing that task. Additionally, there are a number of resources available each day to help you on your journey away from the overuse of technology. Signing up also gives you unlimited access to me via email should you have any questions.


I love this quote from James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits.


“Where to focus: For the beginner, execution. For the intermediate, strategy. For the expert, mindset.” 


With that in mind, the program is broken up into three parts, each a week long. The first two weeks deal with execution and strategy, while the final week focuses on mindset.


Week 1 – Starting Up

This week will focus on a self-assessment of your technology use. From there, we will take some quick, actionable steps to slowly start to limit our technology use. At the end of the week, we will focus on the importance of letting your mornings be your own.


Week 2 – Social Media

In the second week, we move on to social media. We will talk about the impact of social media on your emotions and mental health and you will learn some tips and tricks to limit how much time you spend on these platforms. There will be a number of mini-challenges within this week so you can start to feel what it’s like to be more free from social media.


Week 3 – Changing Mindset

The third and final week puts everything together and starts to look at some long-term strategies to limit your technology consumption. We will talk about the prospect of reconsidering some of your common habits and mentalities. We will also complete some more radical challenges to help overcome our technology addictions.


So, to sum up, here’s what you get with the 21-Day Digital Detox Program:

  • Actionable Steps to Complete Each Day
  • Written Enrichment Resources
  • Video Enrichment Resources
  • Digital Detox Self-Assessment Quiz
  • All questions and comments answered


Are you ready to start your digital detox? Is it time to start enjoying what’s happening in real life instead of being buried in your phone or laptop? Sign up below and let’s get started!





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