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The Easy Way to $1500 Cashback from Credit Cards

How we plan to make an easy $1,500 this year in cashback rewards through simple credit card hacking.

Minimalism has had such a positive influence in my life, so I figured why not adopt a more minimalist approach to my credit card hacking as well. Could I still reap the benefits of credit card hacking without putting in all of the time and effort? The answer is yes. Credit card hacking for cashback can … Continue reading...

Ditch Your Budget…and Save Money?

Yes, you heard that right. Ditch your budget, and potentially save more money.

Over the past few years, we have saved or put towards student loan debt nearly 30% of our income. While this may not seem like an astronomical number, with our expensive daycare bills, we consider this a pretty big win. (Read more about this in my interview with PFI). We did this without a budget and without any strict rules. We simply … Continue reading...

8 Important Lessons from Cait Flanders in The Year of Less

More was never the answer. The answer, it turned out, was always less.

p. 170

After a long wait list at the library, I finally had the chance to read The Year of Less. I first came across Cait Flanders on my original journey into minimalism. Her name seemed to pop up everywhere whether I was searching for articles on personal finance, minimalism, or intentional living. I ended up on her blog and I was … Continue reading...

Can a Frugal Minimalist Enjoy Disney?

C saw Mickey dancing by himself and asked if he could join

First, a disclaimer: We only took this vacation because my parents were incredibly eager to see their grandkids experience Disney. They paid for almost the entire trip. We, as a family, are very fortunate to have all of the things we do and to be able to experience trips like this. Thanks, Mom and Dad! We probably would have taken our kids eventually, … Continue reading...

The $1,000 Rule for Car Buying

Purchasing a car is ALWAYS such a hassle – research the cars, search online, go to the dealership and test drive, wait 6 hours while the salesperson “checks with her manager”, negotiate a price, pretend to walk out of the showroom, repeat the entire process. The nuisance goes on and on. But, at the same time, this is such a huge decision. This is one of the more expensive purchases you will make. Try using … Continue reading...

Are You a Frugal Badass? – Take This Quiz!

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Wondering how you can save more money? Looking to see how you stack up to the average American? Or how you compare to us? Check out this frugal quiz to see how you match up.

Please note, the purpose of this frugal quiz was not to compare one person to another or to disparage anyone for not being a frugal badass. (In … Continue reading...