About Us

Welcome! Our names are Dave and Ashley, and we are the authors behind Minimalism and Your Money. We are a couple in our mid (err, late) 30’s who are continually trying to live our best lives. We have two young boys, C and B. Dave teaches high school social studies and Ashley is a school adjustment counselor. We have both been involved in education throughout most of our working lives.

C & B enjoying the lake

We came up with Minimalism and Your Money after thinking seriously about what truly made us happy beyond the obvious factors such as family, friends, shelter, food. Obviously, that can be a difficult question, but we finally settled upon four key characteristics:

  • Frugal – We strive to live a more frugal lifestyle.
  • Intentional – We aim to be as intentional and mindful of our time as possible. Time is our most cherished commodity, so we try not to waste it.
  • Minimal – We try to live a simple life, giving us more time to spend on what truly matters to us.
  • Organized –  We try to keep our lives and spaces as organized as possible. Less mess = less stress.

Dave primarily writes about minimalism, frugality, and living an intentional life while Ashley primarily writes about organization.

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