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Month: March 2019

The $1,000 Rule for Car Buying

Purchasing a car is ALWAYS such a hassle – research the cars, search online, go to the dealership and test drive, wait 6 hours while the salesperson “checks with her manager”, negotiate a price, pretend to walk out of the showroom, repeat the entire process. The nuisance goes on and on. But, at the same time, this is such a huge decision. This is one of the more expensive purchases you will make. Try using … Continue reading...

Are You a Frugal Badass? – Take This Quiz!

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Wondering how you can save more money? Looking to see how you stack up to the average American? Or how you compare to us? Check out this frugal quiz to see how you match up.

Please note, the purpose of this frugal quiz was not to compare one person to another or to disparage anyone for not being a frugal badass. (In … Continue reading...

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