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20 Must-Read Minimalism Blogs


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There are millions of blogs out there, and thousands of people writing about minimalism. As I have continued to learn more about minimalism, I’ve found a number of blogs very helpful and influential.

This idea sprouted from a realization that there is not as much of a community within minimalist writers as there is for other topics. For example, there is a strong group of personal finance bloggers, many of whom share lots of posts and other ideas with each other. Follow me or any other number of personal finance bloggers on Twitter or Instagram, and you will easily find hundreds of other blogs and posts about personal finance. For whatever reason, information is not as well shared among the minimalist community. So, to try to get the word out about the great writing that’s out there, I created a list of all of my favorite minimalism blogs. These are in no particular order. Happy reading!

The Top 20 Blogs about Minimalism

1. The Minimalists

I really can’t say enough about these guys. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus put together an amazing documentary that first got me started on the road to minimalism. They also have a great blog, a podcast, and Millburn has written three excellent books.

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2. Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders has always been one of my favorite bloggers and writers. Her thoughts on minimalism and personal finance have always seemed so genuine and personal. She has also written a book, The Year of Less, and you can read my post about it here.

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3. Becoming Minimalist

What started with a long weekend of cleaning out the garage, has turned into a wildly popular blog and website for Joshua Becker. His posts focus on simplicity and minimalism in all facets of life, not just in terms of material possessions. Joshua has a very captivating writing style, and has a very successful book, The Minimalist Home.

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4. Be More With Less

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Courtney Carver embarked on a journey to simplify her life. She is the creator of the popular Project 333, a program to significantly reduce the clothes you wear so that you only wear what you love.

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5. Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is proof that there is no set definition for minimalism. He has 6 kids(!), yet he is able to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. He focuses more on mindfulness than some of the bloggers previously mentioned, but his overall message is the same.

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6. Break the Twitch

Anthony Ongaro realized that his actions in his twenties were fueled by an automatic habit, or twitch. It wasn’t until he turned 30 that he began working to break that twitch and live a more intentional life. His website includes links to traditional blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

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7. Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker who produced The Minimalists documentary. His website is focused primarily on podcast episodes and his excellent videos on minimalism.

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8. Colin Wright

Colin Wright blogs about his nomadic lifestyle and extreme minimalism. He only owns 55 items! Total! He travels the world, only spending 4 months, at most, in a place before moving again.

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9. Simply + Fiercely

Jennifer’s blog started when she began to really fear that she was going through her life half-lived. So she made room for the people she loved and what she cared about doing and got rid of the rest. Her blog chronicles her travel adventures as well as her path to intentional living and minimalism.

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10. No Sidebar

No Sidebar is a course that users can take to simplify their lives. Additionally, there are a number of guest blog posts related to simplicity. This is a project from Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist, so there are similarities to what you would find in his blog.

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11. Raising Simple

Zoe Kim writes about minimalism for families. She encourages families to try to live their life uncluttered. Her blog encourages the reader to streamline their home and simplify family life.

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12. Reduce, Reuse, Renew

Laura’s blog is all about becoming a more mindful consumer in every way. She believes strongly in reducing the amount of stuff in one’s life, but also in reducing the waste we accumulate. She has excellent tips on sustainability and zero-waste living along with posts about mindfulness and minimalism.

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13. Motherhood Uncluttered

Karen blogs about simple living from a mother’s perspective. Many of her posts revolve around how families and mothers can move toward a more intentional and minimal mindset and lifestyle. And she was my very first follower when I got started, so I will always appreciate that!

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14. Miss Minimalist

Francine Jay is a blogger and author of The Joy of Less and Lightly. Her posts include tips on decluterring and minimizing every room in the house, plus interviews from real-life minimalists. She is also a “minsumer” instead of a consumer!

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15. Smallish

Evelyn has a great blog that helps people choose to live with less. She lived in a 450 square foot apartment when she had her first child and now lives in a 1000 square foot home with her family of 6! Her hope is that her readers will feel lighter and will be able to breathe after adopting minimalism

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16. The Minimalist Mom

Rachel’s blog has lots of posts about paring down and also focuses on parenting with a minimalist perspective. If you are interested in minimalism and have young kids, this is a great blog for you.

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17. Nourishing Minimalism

Rachel is a decluttering expert who runs a yearly challenge to purge goods. Last year’s goal: to rid yourself of 2,019 items in 2019.

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18. Reading My Tea Leaves

Erin writes about her approach to a simple, sustainable life. As impressive as her writing is, her beautiful photographs really make this blog stand out. She is the author of a book called Simple Matters.

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19. The Minimalist Experience

Jonah discovered minimalism at age 18 and hasn’t looked back. The blog is filled with lots of posts on specific minimalism and decluttering tips.

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20. Minimalism and Your Money

You knew I couldn’t forget this one, right?!?

Our blog deals with both minimalism and personal finance. We have found a great deal of happiness by living a more frugal, intentional, minimal, and organized life.

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Your Turn

This list is simply a collection of the minimalism blogs that I have found most helpful during my journey. I’m sure there are many, many others that are great.

So what did I miss? Please feel free to add them in the comments below. I would love to find more great blogs to read, particularly on minimalism and living a more simple and intentional life.

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  1. So many amazing blogs! I love following other people’s journey with minimalism and learning even more! Thank you for including me in this list!

  2. Excellent list! I bookmarked this post so I have something to come back to. I’m trying my best to get my family onboard with a more minimalist, intentional lifestyle. I’m hoping some of these reads encourage!

  3. erennich

    Thanks so much for the mention! I’m honored to be listed… you gathered a great list here of super blogs and sites.

  4. I love the secondary benefit to the environment from minimalism. When a person owns/buys 20 pairs of jeans, 30 pairs of shoes, those things were made with earths precious resources by someone hoping to capitalize on the sale.
    Thank you for bringing together so many great minimalism blogs I have not heard of before. I’ve got some reading to do.

    • minimalismandmoney

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I was so oblivious to the impact that consumerism had on the environment when I was younger. Now that I have a better idea, and the environmental factor coupled with the economic factor, it’s hard to justify excess.

  5. Thanks so much for the mention! I’ve seen almost all of these blogs, so it’s an honor to be put on the same list as them. Cheers!

  6. Amazing list! I own a blog based on sustainable living and often look up to some of these bloggers for minimalistic inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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